Billionaire Bill gets PWN’ed in Chess

Magnus Carlsen, the 23-year old Norwegian “grandmaster” of chess bested Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, within 71 seconds live on Norwegian television. Magnus, dubbed the Justin Bieber of chess (how fitting), completed the game against Gates with 9 moves. Bill took roughly 2 minutes to make each move that Magnus answered within 30 seconds or […]

The Sweet Tooth of Trademarks

Recently has filed for the trademark of the word ‘saga’ in response to the Kickstarter game The Banner Saga and their use of the word. This is the most ridiculous trademark attempt yet in the videogame world. To imagine a company could ever trademark the noun is not only ridiculous but it does not even […]

Oculus Trailer Premiere

Karen Gillian is breaking out of her Doctor Who shell with her appearance in the new Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy. Before she ventures back into space though, she will appear in a smaller film that will have her fighting with a magic mirror. Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them […]

Blood Ties Finally Breathes Life

Blood Ties directed by Guillaume Canet is a new type of remake. It is a remake of a french film called Rivals. Ever since the film premiered at Cannes LAST year, it has received some pretty mixed reviews on almost everything. From the film’s overall presentation down to the very authenticity of the non-NY actor’s […]

MSNBC Audacity

Recently on MSNBC, during an actual news interview the anchor interrupts a Congress woman with breaking news about Justin Bieber. See below:   This sad display of humanity is proof that this world is catering to the stupidity of the nation. If the US wants the country to become a driving force in this world, […]

Source Code in TV and Films

Found this tumblr recently that made me laugh, , is a compilation of all the source code seen in TV and Film and what it actually does. It is pretty cool, especially some of the code that has great discussion about it. For example Dilbert google group:!topic/alt.comics.dilbert/CSfiyMWcTH0         Related articles Scrapping […]

Install SSMTP in CentOS 5.x or 6.x

SSMTP is a lightweight MTA to deliver email from a server to a mailhub that will forward the email along to a requested destination. There are no daemons required, just a simple configuration file and some user alias tweaking. SSMTP is a fantastic solution for a small scale mail-relay service to be implemented for server […]